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In which Victoria rambles about food cravings because food at college is hard and she can’t always just have what she wants

It may be within your interests to know I’ve been craving meat all evening.

Woke up from a nap to go to dinner, had almost no appetite, and consumed crappy pepperoni pizza with few pepperoni.

Then came back to the room, did homework, went to the gym, came back, and have been craving meat.

Not sweets. Not salty foods or crunchy. Not baked goods or prepackaged microwave meals I’m saving for days I miss Caf hours—just. Frakking. Meat.

And my lovely roommate Megan offered in my pining for us to go acquire meat (“Taco Bell is at least 25% meat! …Burger King is probably more.”), which raised the problems of going outside, inconveniencing her (however willingly), my heartburn for acidic foods with late-night eating, and spending money. (After my job starts, maybe.)

And the two forms in my mind are these glorious pot-stickers from the Chinese place near the college, or just canned Vienna sausages because they’re convenient to store and easy non-refrigerated meat. But mostly the pot-stickers.

But those are not practical, and my meat cravings will have to wait. Darn it.

(And as Megan reminded me while I was expressing my desire for meat, “It’s funny because penis.” Of the varieties of meat I want right now, that is not among them.

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