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That precariously placed bully took $1.50 of my lunch money. #ijustwanttoliedownandgiveup #also #themachineisverysteady #andtheantitheftcatchisveryeffective

That precariously placed bully took $1.50 of my lunch money. #ijustwanttoliedownandgiveup #also #themachineisverysteady #andtheantitheftcatchisveryeffective

Been convinced for a while that Eren had a pretty good crush on Annie. Of course, pursuing it wouldn’t be much of a thing—he was of course always too focused on becoming the bes soldier he could, and it’s not like Annie at any point was warm or approachable. But still, an adolescent crush.


Now we all feel how Gilbert Grape feels



Now we all feel how Gilbert Grape feels

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These editorial shots are fantastic. 

Scarlett Johannson as Buster Keaton by Tim Walker 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, photographed by ?

Philip Seymour Hoffman by Sharon Suh

Ewan McGreggor by David LaChappelle 

James Franco by Terry Richardson

Blondie by Txema Yeste 

Debbie Harry by Txema Yeste

Blondie is the band, Debbie Harry is the lead singer.  

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Fill this in with stuff about you

Age: 21

Where I’m from: Spent most of my life in South Carolina

Where I would like to live: In a renovated row-house in Downtown Charleston (if it weren't for the flooding and cost of living and a dozen other things, but those Tradd Street houses man)

Religion: Christian (broadly)

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Favorite book: The End of the Affair

Eye colour: Okay I've been looking for the proper answer to this question for ages. Gray, mainly, though they take blue or greenish tones depending on light and reflection?

Favorite Movie: Labyrinth

Favourite TV show/series: Three way tie of Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Firefly (In truth they are spiritual siblings)

Favourite band/singer: The Wombats, followed by Bertie Blackman, The Thermals, and Gin Wigmore, with honorable mentions Michelle Branch, Sara Barielles, The Pipettes, Asia, Paul Dempsey, and Journey

Random fact about me: You have a quota of allowable short jokes upon meeting me. I'm aware it's freaking hilarious that I'm shorter than you, but trust me it gets old really fast if you keep making jokes.

Favourite season: It depends. I love my cool-weather clothing, but I also like the heat and lack of school and rain of the summer? I don't like extremes, extreme heat and hell to the no on extreme cold.

Favourite colour: Since childhood it has been the Crayola blue-green. In various paints I see it labeled "52" (in Hobbytown USA and in the craft room at a camp), and in other places labeled "aqua"

What I’m listening to right now: Nothing in particular, but present noises are the very quiet humming of the computer, the ceilling fan, and birds outside.

Last movie I’ve watched: Sharknado

Favourite male character from a TV show: I don't know, Stiles Stilinski?

Favourite female character from a TV show: This is a lot of pressure; um... shoot I don't know

What my name means: Victory

Favourite superhero: Batman is the legend and idol, Black Canary the boss, Zatanna my baby, Elongated Man and his wife Sue Dibny the absolute best, And Kyle Rayner in a class of his own.

Reasons Bree and I should drink peach schnapps and have a drunk sing-along with my anniversary collector’s edition of Labyrinth:
- excuse me are you an idiot it would be amazing
- mutual obsession with this movie
- PEACH. ALCOHOL. PEACH. (Also it is sweet and delightful and shots go down easy.)

Reasons we shouldnt:
- um none because even if either of us take it like a bitch and need to throw up, bathrooms are conveniently located


i actually get

really upset

when people refuse to let me buy them food/gifts/anything

because that is how i express my love it is all that i know

Reasons why I only ask “Are you sure?” and keep resistance to a polite minimum.

Also I am mercenary when it comes to food, and I don’t like delaying the consumption thereof on account of somebody’s generosity.

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I am attempting to read outside.

I mean, sounds like a great idea, right? It’s summer! The lawn isn’t overrun by fire-ants! Or regular ants (they’re here, but pretty chill for ants). Since I’ll be in the bright sun, I’ll be free from many of the distractions which keep me from reading! Fresh air is purportedly good for you! Reading is better that consuming various other types of media accorting to certain sources!

He. Hehe, ha hahaha hah hah hah ho hooo hehe haaaa.

It’s hot out here, and while the moisture in the grass keeps it from being terribly spiky, it meant that the sun is evaporating a low-hanging layer of intense humidity to compliment the existing humidity.

Add to this the effort to tan. Tanning isn’t particularly difficult, and I have a skin type which retrogrades sunburns into tans. Except if I’m broiling in my own skin like a potato in foil, well, that’s quite distracting.

Yet, I remain. I am not yet to be defeated by the sun and temperatures which feel warmer than the 83¤F weather reports would have me to believe I am not quite sweltering in. I may have retreated to the shade, however I will rise, and lie down in the sun, again.

This has been a post. Stay frosty, my friends.

Chrome is currently running seven processes eating up my RAM, and they’re all just labeled Google Chrome so I don’t know which I could stop to give Netflix more RAM/bandwidth.

Imhotep: Dessicating explorers’ corpses like they’re freaking slurpies.

Since I Left You by The Avalanches is definitely one of the more difficult albums I’ve had, listening to and trying to fully appreciate. However, little by little, I’m getting it. I have finally realized an envelope structure which I was searching for. Good. Half a dozen or so more listenings and I’ll be able to trace conceptual progression throughout.


Green Smoothie - 1 cup baby spinach, 1 cup kale, 1 pear, 1 ½ cup of orange juice, and 1 frozen banana.

Chocolate Peanut Butter – 2 TBL unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 TBL peanut butter, ½ banana, 1 cup almond milk, ice.

Mango Ginger — 2 cups frozen Mango, 1 cup frozen raspberries, 1 banana, ¼ cup chopped ginger, squeeze of lime, yogurt.

Strawberry Date — 1 date, 1 ½ cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup almond milk. Optional: 1 scoop protein powder or 1 TBL of flaxseed oil.

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looking at your art from 3 years ago more like


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