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Blogging MLP: Season 2 Episode 11
  • DERPY, I LOVE YOOOOUUUUU!!! But no, seriously, sweetheart, don’t break curtain.
  • I actually don’t have much at all to say. The story is engaging, and any oddities can be chalked up to the narrative.
  • "Windigos"? Like, Supernatural, season 1 episode 2, Wendigo? Nice.
  • POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. Also, I LOVE YOU FLUTTERSHY! “I don’t hate you. I actually hate Commander Hurricane a lot more than I hate you guys.” You’re just the sweetest thing, Fluttershy.
  • Got kinda weak and cheesy near the end, and this may’ve been one of their weakest songs. Anyway. Onwards to the next episode!