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Blogging MLP: Season 2 Episode 2
  • Is it wrong just how much I’m loving CruelShy? She’s just so spiteful and seems to enjoy it so much. And Rarity is amusing as well. But I seriously just want to push Applejack out into the rain and give Pinkie Pie a big hug and tell her “I don’t think it’s funny either.”
  • I loved Sarcastic Twilight when she was all fed up with everybody. “Necklace, necklace, necklace, necklace, big crown thingie […] Congratulations, you’re the new Rainbow Dash.”
  • Aw, Discord just wants a Queen of Chaos to share his enjoyment of the New World Order with. RESTORE PINKIE PIE! (Okay, so she couldbe capable of singlehandedly toppling your regime, but she’d make a WAY better BFF than Twilight Sparkle! And I still ship you with Celestia. But she’s be an icy Persephone-like queen, so not your BFF in charge of Chaos Appreciation.)
  • POOR ABUSED SPIKE! But I do like the plotpoint of “Excuse me, but HHHAAAYYYLLLL NAH” (If there’s Discord about, I can dig Celestia sounding like that) “What about every f*****g thing you’ve learned up to this point? Every shoehorned, stretched, or obvious lesson about friendship we’ve tacked onto the end of every episode adventure? I will send you my backlog of mail until you fix this s***. Deuces, Celestia out.”
  • Rarity: “Let us never speak of this again.” I love that pretentious B.
  • Pinkie Pie: All about priorities. First you get your last taste of chocolate rain, then you go pit-bull growling at Discord. That’s my girl.
  • You know what? I’m finding it easier and easier to like Twilight Sparkle.
Blogging MLP - Season 2 Episode 1
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders - I get that you’re cute, I just… don’t personally feel it.
  • I just freaking love Pinkie Pie so much. I love how she’s the only one to dwell on the Chocolate aspects of Discord. She would make a fantastic general in Discord’s army.
  • And now I am shipping Celestia and Discord so hard. I mean, the way he talks about missingher~! It’s like Prince Diamond and Sailor Moon all over again.
  • Also, I love Celestia’s righteous fury and the fact that she really seems to be as dangerous as a queen right here. I approve. 
  • And HOLY CRACKLE BARS! I think Discord is Q from Star Trek Next Generation! *checks IMDB* I WAS RIGHT! Guys, I don’t think those non-Star Trek fans out there can understand just how freaking meta this is. Q ~ Discord… Oh, these people know their nerdy, nerdy fanbase! (I suddenly need video/dialogue redub crossovers. I want to see Q calling the crew of the Enterprise-D ponies, and I need to see Discord spouting Q’s lines.)
  • Separating the ponies and testing them based on their strengths? I like it.
  • Pinkie Pie’s balloon garden is nightmare fuel.
  • I love how Fluttershy couldn’t be tempted, she had to be forced.
  • And in general, I just liked it.